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Membership Information

The membership renewal date is July of every year.
There are two types of Membership:

                   Business/For Profit Organizations - $50 annual fee
                   Non-Profit/Individual Membership - $30 annual fee
We added the Individual Membership category to allow those interested in directly supporting the chamber to join.

When completing the membership application, please fill in all information to include an email address as that is our primary way of contacting you. Click on the link below to download the Membership application and mail it to:

                                          Penrose Chamber of Commerce                
                                                   103 Broadway, Unit 10                                                                                     Penrose, CO 81240

As our Board of Directors members are often rotating due to personal reasons, we are always looking for inspired folks to join our board. If interested, please download the Board of Directors Nomination Form and send it email to:


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