Though small and seemingly quiet, our little community often bustles with activity. One just needs to know where to look. A great place to first inquire is with our community calendar.  

Demographics are fun to review. While they do not define who we are, they do help us understand more about where we live. Take time to consider what it means to have so much with so few.

Our rich history intertwines with regional and national sagas; it is impacted by war, flood, and drought, as well as prosperity, innovation, and abundance. It is worthy of study and respect.

Do you live in town and want to know more about a particular amenity? Are you considering a move to the area and find yourself curious about what we offer? This section is for you.


Do not let our small population fool you: the people of Penrose are a talented bunch! Indeed they have been recognized for their professional and personal achievements. We are proud!

Photographs. They fill boxes in our homes and albums in our phones. Why? Because they bring joy. They remind us of fun times, of beautiful sights, and of forgotten memories. 

We are a blessed generation. One blessing in particular is that we can record our experiences - videos that help us express ourselves, gain support for our passions, and inform the future.

Everyone wants to tell their story. Some share even if no one is listening, while others wait for a willing audience. By taking time to both share and listen, we are all drawn closer.